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Did you know... The smallest wire we work with is half the thickness of a human hair.

Nuclear Subsea & Marine Components

A dedicated nuclear division within MSP offers a wealth of experience in the nuclear sector and includes applications in subsea, marine, civil and defence.

As active members of the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), we have the proven infrastructure and experience to partner companies to produce conforming components for complex, demanding and safety critical applications whether your requirement is for 1 or millions.

The benefits:

  • Approvals are held in SABRE, GS3001 and DGS
  • We are comfortable and highly experienced in the manufacture of critical components in a range of exotic alloys including Inconel X750 and Nimonic 90 and hold significant stocks of wire, sheet and strip.
  • M-Series and BS SP-Series tab washers and circlips are available in exotic alloys with full material and manufacturing traceability
  • …from 0.05mm shims to 3m compression springs