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Aerospace Components

Over half of our business supplies to the aerospace components industry and we have been doing it successfully for over 55 years. We pride ourselves on having a great team of dedicated engineers who drive our aerospace engineering sector to the forefront of technology and manufacturing processes.  

Quality Aerospace Components

Most of us travel by air with our families on holiday or think nothing of grabbing a flight for business.  Air travel remains by far the safest way to travel.  As a key partner in the network of companies that make up the aerospace components supply chain, MSP is passionate not just about meeting stringent standards, but leading the way in the top percentile for delivery and quality. 


Engineered Solutions

For many years we have held:


NADCAP certification for heat treatment

NADCAP certification for tensile testing

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Under the control of a state-of-the-art ERP system, MSP manufactures aerospace components such as springs, stampings and assemblies for many safety critical civil and defence aerospace applications. These include actuation systems, landing gear, cockpit controls, fluid management systems, engines and electrical/electronic systems. 

We have extensive experience working with close tolerance drawings using exotic alloys in a vast range of sizes from 0.004 to 15.88mm wire.  With an enviable range of manual and CNC stamping equipment, MSP has a capacity up to 125 Tonnes. 

Specialist spring


Our 40,000 sq ft facility houses a broad range of manufacturing options from CNC and mandrel coiling, single blow to CNC presses, EDM, machining centres, laser welding etc, as well as NADCAP Heat Treatment and Tensile Testing special processes.  This means that MSP retains the vast majority of most manufacturing cycles in-house.  This is what enables us to give industry leading delivery-to-promise and quality at competitive rates and to short lead times. 

MSP is passionate about leading the way in spring and stamping manufacture, and resting on our laurels is just not in our DNA.  Lean manufacturing techniques are an integral part of our development such as Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) and waste elimination via Value Stream Mapping.  

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We are the go-to supply chain partner for many worldwide commercial and defence aerospace companies, offering value-added engineered solutions via ERP, VMI, KANBAN, safety buffer stocks and Kitting etc.  Our dedicated team are passionate and proud of their work and always aim to exceed customer expectations, ensuring they go that extra mile. 

Constant investment in people, plant and innovation is one of the things that sets MSP apart, and we are proud to actively engage with aerospace industry initiatives on the journey to Zero Defect manufacture. 

Safety-critical and precision aerospace component manufacture is the mainstay of our business and is at the core of everything we do, giving us an unrivalled quality, OTIF (On Time In Full) capability, competitive pricing and enviable reputation. In addition to being AS9100 certified, we are NADCAP accredited (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program), for Heat Treatment and Tensile Testing. 

How Can MSP Help You?

As a leading global stamping and spring manufacturer, with a reputation for innovation, we pride ourselves on having an extensive range of capabilities and aerospace components engineering solutions that are designed to provide the industry with safety-critical components using industry-leading knowledge, technology, machinery and equipment. 

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about your aerospace components requirements or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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