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Did you know... We manufacture a spring 390ft long.

Defence Supply

MSP is one of the leading suppliers of custom springs and stampings for the defence supply industry and has been since it was established in 1964. 

The importance we take on our slogan “Engineered Solutions” means springs, stampings, and complicated assemblies are thoroughly inspected before being shipped to some of the most demanding and hostile situations on the planet, where key components might mean the difference between life and death.

Whether Land, Sea or Air, MSP components play an integral and critical part in our security. From munitions to survival equipment and many more diverse applications, our manufacturing capability has proven to be flexible and accurate to draw on time.

Developing accurate springs and stampings for Military and Defence Supply 

At MSP, our skilled engineering team knows the importance of specialised spring parts in the defence supply, military and government. As a result, the equipment used to manufacture custom springs and metal forming products at our facilities complies with the most recent certifications and industry requirements.

We use precise engineering processes to ensure that all springs and wire forms are designed to exact specifications with stringent quality control, allowing them to work optimally in any required assembly and under harsh conditions.

Why you should choose MSP?

  • Precision spring and stamping engineering
  • Our toolroom, which includes CAD design, EDM, machining centres, and traditional machining, enables us to provide a complete and comprehensive in-house solution to our global defence supply customers
  • We are constantly investing in cutting-edge technology
  • We routinely deliver on schedule and in full while keeping high quality
  • All our foreign shipments are tracked
  • Our bespoke springs are sturdy, dependable, and long-lasting, which make them ideal for defence supply

Do you want to discuss your project with us?

We have a reputation for creativity as a top metal stamping and spring producer. We deliver safety-critical components to any industry employing cutting-edge technology, machines, and equipment through a broad range of competencies and technical solutions.

MSP can handle any assignment, from defence supply to oil and gas to medical components. We set the standard by regularly delivering on schedule, in full, and without error.

Please contact us, and one of our helpful professionals will assist you with whatever you require. You can also reach us by phone on 01527 69121 or via email at