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Our reputation is built on safety critical and precision component manufacture.

MSP components play an integral and critical part of our security.

Every order that we supply has a 100% traceability guarantee.

MSP produce quality components for complex and demanding applications.


Engineered solutions for springs and stampings

MSP is a leading manufacturer of springs and stampings in a vast range of exotic materials such as Stainless Steel, MP35N, Beryllium Copper, Inconel and Titanium.

Used in safety and mission critical environments from outer space to the deepest oceans, components are produced for aerospace, defence, oil & gas, nuclear and high-tech manufacturing. With a rich heritage of over 50 years we have become the partner of choice for development and prototyping through to volume manufacture.

MSP is owned by Indutrade AB and has a UK sister company Irvine Springs Ltd.