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Did you know... The smallest wire we work with is half the thickness of a human hair.

Nuclear Subsea & Marine Components

MSP’s dedicated nuclear subsea & marine components team has a wealth of experience in the nuclear sector, with applications in subsea, marine and defence.

When it comes to the precision engineering of springs, stampings and machined components, we combine unbeatable knowledge and expertise with industry-leading technology to provide you with the finest possible product and solution.

We manufacture quality subsea components for the nuclear subsea & marine components sector by utilising our know-how, consistently investing in the latest technologies, and continuously improving quality and optimising our design and manufacturing processes.

Years of experience in the nuclear subsea & marine components sector

At MSP, we understand the commercial and naval marine environments and that the equipment must be of the highest quality and reliability to provide long service life under tough circumstances, particularly in the corrosive seawater environment.

Our engineering, technical, quality, and project management divisions collaborate to ensure that our customers have a top-class experience. We are confident in delivering quality products on schedule. Having earned a great reputation in the manufacture of underwater components, we’ve created our high-integrity manufacturing facility that’s supported by our state-of-the-art precision machining skills.

Whether you require one subsea component or thousands of components, we have the proven infrastructure and experience to partner with companies to produce conforming parts for complex, demanding and safety-critical applications.

The benefits of nuclear subsea and marine components

  • Approvals are held in SABRE, GS3001, and DGS
  • We are comfortable and highly experienced in the manufacture of critical underwater components in a range of exotic alloys, including Inconel X750 and Nimonic 90, and hold significant stocks of wire, sheet, and strip.
  • M-Series and BS SP-Series tab washers and circlips are available in exotic alloys with full material and manufacturing traceability
  • We offer a wide range of component sizes from 0.05mm shims to 3m compression springs

How can MSP help you?

We take pleasure in having vast experience in the nuclear, subsea, and marine components industries as a leading global stamping and spring producer with a reputation for innovation. We deliver solutions that use industry-leading knowledge, technology, and equipment to produce safety-critical subsea components.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about your requirements or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling us on 01527 69121 or emailing us at