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MSP Becomes The World’s First Carbon Literate Spring Supplier

MSP has now been certified as a Carbon Literate Organisation after receiving the CLO Bronze award.

Here at MSP, we are extremely proud to announce that we have been certified as a Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation making us the world’s first Carbon Literate Spring Supplier. 

Carbon Literacy is defined by The Carbon Literacy Project as “an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis”.

To achieve this, several members of our team attended Carbon Literacy Training days at Indutrade UK where they received industry leading training on the impacts of everyday activities on their carbon footprint and how to reduce this on both an individual and organisational basis.

Our team then went away and created individual and group pledges based upon the training they had received and have been making great progress on these ever since. Our sustainability cluster has also been meeting regularly to discuss the progress on these as well as leading other fantastic sustainability initiatives.

A new initiative we have introduced is regularly calculating our Carbon Footprint’s both as individuals and as an organisation and this had some incredible results. Some examples of changes made as a result of this are multiple members of our team making the switch from petrol to electric cars, strong engagement in our cycle to work scheme, our factory being prepared for the installation of solar panels, installation of EV charging points in our car park and several members of the team making more sustainable food choices.

However, we wanted to go the extra mile and because of this we began our journey to becoming a certified Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation. We continued to embed Carbon Literacy throughout the business as we progressed towards our Bronze award which is the first rung on the Carbon Literacy Ladder. Last month we reached this milestone, received our Bronze award, and are now the world’s first Carbon Literate Spring Supplier.

We also had the pleasure of presenting at the Indutrade UK sustainability conference where we delivered a presentation explaining our sustainable Carbon Literacy journey and provided guidance and advice on how other businesses could do the same. We are extremely passionate about brining others along and we will continue to share our knowledge and best practices going forward.

We are delighted to have received this award and are already making great progress on our journey of becoming a Silver Carbon Literate Organisation.

Here at MSP, we strive to be an industry leader within our sustainability practices and aim to be a role model for others to follow when ensuing sustainability in both engineering and manufacturing.

Remember, avoid delay and start today, there is no Planet B.




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