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White Paper – Women in Manufacturing: State of the Industry 2023

The manufacturing industry is a keystone in the UK economy, which produces an annual output of £185 billion, yet the current 2023/2024 outlook places the sector in serious trouble from low productivity to one of the worst skilled labourshortages in recent history. 

Chief amongst these issues is the industry’s shortcomings when it comes to women in manufacturing, particularly as it is failing to attract and retain female talent. 

In response, MSP, the leading manufacturer for springs and stampings, has produced this white paper on the current state of the industry for women in manufacturing in 2023, to drive attention to the industry’s shortcomings, and drive real change for an innovative and inclusive future. 

We will be discussing key issues within four essential areas within the industry; Education, Employment, Barriers to Manufacturing Jobs, and Sustainability, and how these issues collectively must be addressed in order to effect real progression and inclusivity within the industry and enable the industry’s future survival and growth.

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Our intentions with the white paper are to highlight the continued underrepresentation of women in the manufacturing and engineering industry’s workforce, in the hopes of inspiring industry-wide recognition and progression so that the future workforce is encouraged and motivated to work in manufacturing. 

Using relevant and critical data, we outline  issues such as the gender pay gap, poor workplace inclusion, and the current gender imbalance for green jobs all of which are creating barriers to entry into manufacturing jobs for women. From there, we highlight key areas for improvement and identify solutions which could create progressive change. 

Finally, this white paper stresses the importance of different sectors within the manufacturing industry joining together for the future survival and growth of the industry, as well as to promote manufacturing as a great and inclusive career choice. 

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As the leading manufacturer of stampings and springs, MSP has become the supplier of choice to customers spanning a broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, defence, oil & gas, nuclear, and high-tech manufacturing. 

Our vision is to become the partner of choice to all companies in our target markets in the UK and beyond by consistently demonstrating industry-leading delivery, quality, and value. As a manufacturer operating across several of the industry’s sectors, this white paper is of significant importance to us as we strive to heighten awareness and progression towards a more inclusive, innovative and green future for the industry.

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